We innovate the manufacturing processes, with the usual quality

TECNOLAM Srl è una giovane e dinamica azienda metalmeccanica che opera dal 1992 nel settore della trasformazione della lamiera per conto terzi, producendo particolari di carpenteria, semi-lavorati e prodotto finiti esclusivamente su commessa.

L’azienda si estende in una superficie complessiva di 60.000 mq, dei quali 25.000 sono adibiti all’intero ciclo lavorativo.

Our experience in various sectors, the continuous renewal of the machinery park, the monitoring of our suppliers / partners, and the ability to work different types of material such as polished-pickled-galvanized-electro-galvanized-aluminum and stainless steel sheet, all up to a length of 6 meters allows us to guarantee our customers customized solutions.

In order to guarantee the reliability and qualitative constancy of production, the company uses a QUALITY MANAGEMENT system certified with UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 2015. For welding, the company is ISO 3834-2 certified. : 2005 and EN 1090-2: 2008- + A1: 2011

Company policy

The primary objective of TECNOLAM SRL is to obtain complete and continuous customer satisfaction, the only way to business success and the development of its activities.

However, this development must take place in a compatible way thanks to the maintenance of high quality standards and the achievement of adequate levels of worker safety and environmental protection.

A service of excellence since 1992

Tecnolam Srl was founded in 1992 with the aim of offering a service of excellence in metalworking, developing a continuous path of constant growth, which with commitment and intuition strengthens the activity in the carpentry sector.

Tecnolam Srl invests a high percentage of its turnover in innovation, updating and staff training.

Quality is what the customer believes it to be
Armand Feigenbaum

Quality is what the customer believes it to be
Armand Feigenbaum