2D and 3D design begins with the product idea and design through to the development of all the components.  This is followed by the engineering process, conceptual project and product placement, through dynamic analysis, and finally the definition of the most performing production methods. This way the project variants are analysed simply and automatically, identifying the best solutions to satisfy our customers’ requests.

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The cutting edge laser plant works in an area of 2000×6000 mm, offering a range of advantages, cutting precision, working speed and less waste. Sheet metal can be cut with thickness up to 25 mm for FE and 20 mm for stainless steel.

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Obtained using NC plant for drilling, twisting, threading, small bends, ribbing and countersinking. A working range of 1500 x 4200 mm.

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Our bending plant enables twisting the product to obtain a specific shape up to a maximum length of 7000 mm, with a force between 85 and 600 tons, furthermore the plant is entirely equipped with cutting edge systems to ensure that the first piece off the plant is perfectly precise with any type of material and shape. Panels can be made with a length of 3000 mm, and a maximum thickness of 30/10. Roller milling can be done with a minimum diameter of 100 mm and a maximum length of 3000 mm.


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To complete the finished product and considerably save production time, we have an internal mechanical machining department with lathes and millers, ensuring our customers receive an all-round response to their needs.

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Our mechanical structural department is divided in various areas:
-Stainless steel machining, with product finishing and treatments including brushing, sand blasting, pickling, polishing, micro shot blasting, satinising, etc.
– Welding for ferrous materials with various fixed workstations and 3 robotised stations for working up to a maximum length of 6000 mm.
– Tack welding for carbon steel and stainless steel, with plant able to work up to a maximum thickness of 4 + 4 mm.
The overall surface area is approx. 2500 sqm.

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To ensure all our customers’ needs are satisfied, our powder painting plant is able to paint parts up to a maximum size of 6000 x 2000 mm. We also provide other surfaces treated with hot or electrolytic galvanizing, cataphoresis and others besides.

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The mechanical and electrical assembly department covers a vast area, and is able to satisfy the requests of even our most demanding customers.

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We can also provide a complete product transport service using our own vehicles.

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In the last 20 years Tecnolam’s core business has been designing dental practices.

The compositions are designed in order to ensure ergonomic spaces in big rooms as well as in small rooms. We are able to offer customized solutions, including each small details.

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